Whether your product is a blood medical diagnostic for lab based use or a plant sample field based device, our team is fully equipped with the tools you need to execute development of the most complex sample prep and processing. We have worked with sample medias from liquids, solids, body fluids, foods, beverages, various plant, animal, and human tissue and know the challenges of each. We can guide you to CLIA Waived status as well as CLIA lab use requirements.


User centric design & development of sample collection & processing devices

  • CLIA-waived
  • Over the counter (OTC) requirements into design
  • Field based
  • CLIA lab


Experts with a broad spectrum of sample media

  • Human: fluids, excrement, and tissue
  • Biothreat/bioterrorism substances
  • Food & beverage
  • Plant and animal: fluids, excrement, and tissue


Embedded Into Rapid Assay System

  • Sample collection and processing within system for ease of use in point of care settings
  • Reduction of user steps & time from sample to answer


Stand-alone devices for transport, shipment, and long term storage

  • Robust sample collection and processing devices for sample integrity
  • Incorporation of preservation additive