Whether your project requires only a single disposable microfluidic component or a large mesofluidic system with consumable and high throughput instrument, our team has the experience to deliver. Each team member brings diversity from their design, scientific, and clinical backgrounds to make your product a success.


Micro and meso fluidic systems

  • Small volumes of fluid upwards (less than 1 ml.)
  • Large volumes of fluid (expertise covers an entire vaccutainer of blood)


Material Sciences

  • Plastics like COC, COP
  • Glass
  • Paper based, hybrids


Biosensor integration

  • Printed electronics
  • Laser converting & ablation


On-board reagent/buffer incorporation expertise

  • Lyophilized beads and dried reagents
  • Custom reservoirs, blister packs, and seals


Fluidic Engineering

  • Hydrophilic and hydrophobic coatings
  • Capillary driven fluid movement
  • Use of specialized pneumatic pumps & diaphrams & valves