Our diverse background in various medical disciplines, fluidics, plastics, and processes brings together quality crafted devices. Mostly, we combine highly specialized mechanical, electromechanical, flidics, and plastics engineering into the class I, II, and III devices that we develop. We are motivated to make a difference in healthcare, take pride in this, and it shows in our work every day.

Single Use Devices

  • ENT products
  • women’s healthcare
  • sterile packaging
  • stent delivery systems
  • implantable device delivery systems
  • single use surgical tools

Drug Delivery Devices

  • syringes (traditional and safety syringes featuring vacuum needle retraction, spring driven needle retraction, gas cell needle retraction)
  • venous delivery (IV connectors and ports)
  • ENT/respiratory systems
  • wearables (transdermal, microneedle, patches)


  • bracing systems (extremities, spine, pelvic)
  • implants (plastics, metals, screws)
  • appropriate material selection for biocompatability and wear