The integrated nature of Toolbox Medical Innovations can bring you turnkey development by utilizing all of our departments. Each department provides feedback and IVD expertise on the design & development process to accelerate your time to market.


Assay Development

  • Lateral flow(quantitative, semi-quantitative, qualitative)
  • Molecular


Comprehensive consumable systems

  • Sample collection and processing along with assay in one consumable
  • Embedded electronics


Reader and Instrumentation Design & Development

  • Custom to your system or off-the-shelf options
  • Colormetric
  • Fluorescent
  • CLIA lab instruments for high throughput


On-board reagent/buffer incorporation expertise

  • Lyophilized beads and dried reagents
  • Custom reservoirs, blister packs, and seals


Fluidic Engineering

  • Hydrophilic and hydrophobic coatings
  • Capillary driven fluid movement
  • Use of specialized pneumatic pumps & valves