Our team is fully equipped with the tools you need to execute development of the most complex sample prep, processing, and diagnostic devices. We have worked with sample medias from liquids, solids, body fluids, foods, beverages, various plant, animal, and human tissue and know the challenges of each. We can guide you to CLIA Waived status as well as CLIA lab use requirements.


Diagnostic Industry Insights to Help Launch Your Product Successfully

  • Integrating CLIA-waived and or over the counter (OTC) requirements into design
  • Sample collection and processing within system,
  • Stand-alone sample collection and processing devices
  • Biosensor integration
  • Point of care (POC) devices and systems


Lateral Flow and Molecular Based Assay Systems

  • Assay development (quantitative, semi-quantitative, qualitative)
  • Stand-alone or integrated instrument system POC devices
  • Development of visual read, integrated digital read, or digital instrument interface specifically designed for your strip
  • On-board reagent incorporation including blister packs, custom reservoirs, glass ampules, lyophilized beads, dried reagents, and coatings

Microfluidics, Lab on a Chip, and Life Sciences

  • Fluidic systems with volumes less than 1 mililiter and up to several milliliters
  • Microfluidic/lab on a chip consumables (plastic, laminate, glass, paper, and hybrids)
  • Instrumentation development utilizing pneumatics, positive displacement, diaphragms/pumps, compressed gas, capillary action, and hydrophilic/hydrophobic coatings