Mountain Biking Season is Back!

Summer in Southern California is just around the corner! This means our weekly mountain bike trips are back too. With plenty of daylight left after work, much of the team heads for Calavera Mountain in our City of Carlsbad. What was once an active volcano, Calavera now serves as a meeting place for us to exercise and share common passions. Work should be enjoyable, and Toolbox seeks to provide a fast paced, fun, and rewarding environment for employees to prosper in.

Lake Calavera in Carlsbad, California

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Happy 4th of July from Toolbox!

At Toolbox we celebrate America’s Independence with good conversation and BBQ! We look forward to the warm weather and the spirit of American pride as we approach our long weekend. Best wishes from the Toolbox team and Happy 4th of July!

Toolbox Medical to Host DeviceAlliance Networking Event

Looking for an opportunity to network with medical device professionals? Please join us for an evening of networking and discussion with Orange County’s medical device community at our September mixer! DeviceAlliance is a community of experienced southern California medical device professionals committed to building relationships, sharing information, and gaining insight into the key issues and opportunities within the […]

Toolbox Installs Clean Room and Pilot Assembly Area

Toolbox has completed installation of a Portable Controlled Environment Area and a pilot assembly line including injection molding, laser welding, heat sealing and filling/sealing of reagents.   Toolbox is now producing development cartridges daily to help one of our customers’ through the design integration and verification phases of their project.


Clean Room

Toolbox has spent the last several months designing, prototyping, testing and iterating the various functional areas of this cartridge using our couponing strategy.   As we entered the design integration phase, we discovered that it is difficult to find a single contract manufacturer with all of the requisite capabilities.  In addition, CMs are often not able to respond so quickly to the rapid iterative approach required during this phase.

According to Toolbox President, John Zeis, “The Toolbox culture is to do whatever it takes to help our customer’s get the job done.   One team members stepped up and said, if we can’t find someone to do it, then we will just need to do it ourselves.   I was blown away at how quickly and effectively, the guys were able to get this assembly area installed, qualified and operational.   Rob, Cole, Romy, Xavier and the other team members have also done an exceptional job of responding to rapid design iterations and intense production demands.”   By all accounts, this effort has saved our customer significant development time and cost.

clean room 2

Let us know how we can help you with your diagnostic development needs.  We will find a way to make it happen.



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