New Plastic Injection Molding Machine

It was an exciting day last week when our new Injection Molding Machine rolled in the door! After waiting for months as our machine was custom built, we are thrilled to finally get it on site! As our machine shop grows so do our capabilities, which allows our customers to have majority of production done in house. With the addition of our new Arburg Injection Molding Machine 375V 500 – 170, Toolbox Medical Innovations becomes fully capable of producing quick turn and cost effective injection molded parts.

Our new 55 ton machine has a shot size of 3.7 ounces and is configured different than most machines. It is a vertical/vertical press meaning the both the injection unit and the machine clamping system both sit in a vertical orientation. Why is this important? Because the nature of our injection molding capability is to provide fast and flexible service. This gives us the ability to hand load inserts and/or mold with multiple thermoplastic resins. Hand loaded inserts allow us to mold complex geometry like undercuts or threads with relatively simple and quickly made tooling. These inserts get loaded into the tool on an open face using gravity to keep them in place. Molded parts are easier to remove from the vertical clamp while inserts are manually removed from the molded part.

All said, our prototypes are made quickly and cost effectively using a real injection molding process without making compromises in material selection. Design changes are quickly integrated into testing coupons and design iteration can take place in very short order. Interested in Injection Molding capabilities or services? We would love to hear from you! Click here for more information.

Best wishes from the Toolbox Team


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