Toolbox Mountain Biking

Sunny coastal breeze and 70 degree weather? One of the benefits of working in Southern California! Every Tuesday after work, some of the Toolbox team set out for a couple of hours of mountain biking. Calavera Mountain, a quick 5 minutes from Toolbox, offers great riding opportunities. Everyone at Toolbox is pretty active and our area is popular for outdoors and coastal adventure. Whether it’s surfing before work, soccer during lunch, or mountain biking after work, we find ourselves very blessed to live and work in San Diego county.

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Constructing Our Engineering Lab

There is always something going on at Toolbox Medical, especially lately! With normal business hours Monday through Friday, weekends are not as quiet as you might think. For the past couple months, many weekends have been spent designing and working with construction crews to build our new engineering lab. Along with the engineering lab come a usability/testing room, another restroom, and many other amenities to provide an even better atmosphere for our customers. The engineering lab will help foster company growth and services, create a great environment for our engineers and promote research and development for our multiple projects. We are expecting completion by the end of the summer and we are excited about the services we can offer. Information regarding project completion and an open house coming soon!

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Injection Molding

New Plastic Injection Molding Machine

It was an exciting day last week when our new Injection Molding Machine rolled in the door! After waiting for months as our machine was custom built, we are thrilled to finally get it on site! As our machine shop grows so do our capabilities, which allows our customers to have majority of production done […]

Laser Welder Brings New Capabilities to Toolbox

We recently added a unique tool to our growing toolbox! Toolbox’s president, John Zeis, explains the significance of our Leister Laser Welder: “Laser welding has always had significant advantages over other bonding methods for microfluidic/diagnostic cartridges. It creates precise, particulate free, hermetic seals without adhesives that may impact assay stability. Recent advances in laser welding […]

Staying Busy Into The New Year

  Its been a great start to 2015 for us at Toolbox Medical Innovations! With high expectations, we start the year with plans to build a new engineering lab area. This lab will create a great environment for our engineers as well as promote research and development for our multiple projects. Last week we had […]